Antoine vapor pressure correlation

by Trent Guidry15. August 2009 02:59

The Antione correlation is a fairly simple vapor pressure correlation that works reasonably well over a limited range of temperatures and pressures.  It is generally more accurate than the Clausius Clapeyron correlation, although, it is not usually sufficiently accurate to use over the full range of vapor pressures from the tripple point through the critical point.

The Antoine equation is given below.

ln Psat = A – B/(T+C)

In pressure explicit form this equation is rearranged to the equation shown below.

Psat = eA-B/(T+C)

In modern literature, P is usually in Pascals and T is usually in Kelvin, however, older literature would often use T in Celsius, P in Torr, and the logarithm in base 10 instead of the natural log.